The Food

You won’t visit Cuba because of the food!

Truth be told, I ate so little that I lost 10 kg on my one-month trip. However in all fairness, I should say that

- for me that’s not an entirely bad thing :-)


In fact there’s no greater point to the separate heading of “Food” than to share a couple of my experience.

The highlight in Havana was the breakfast at the hotel Telégrafo, but of course, I tried out other places as well.

I had a reasonable dinner at the private paladere La Julia. Unfortunately, the street runs only 1 meter from the open doors of the restaurant; so expect a lot of fumes from passing taxis and trucks.

I also had an ok pizza the first day at the state-owned restaurant A Prado y Neptuno on the corner just opposite the Telégrafo.

However, the second day the restaurant served a pizza that was cold ham on a just as cold pizza base and it was to put it mildly - suspicious.

I shoved away the ham and ate the bread. I probably shouldn’t have because I didn’t venture too far from toilets the following days!