The Milk Scam

If you plan to walk around the Havana Vieja you ought to be prepared for this scam


In all simplicity, you’ll be asked to buy some powder milk for a milk-starving child.

You’ll be approached by

  • a mother with a little child on her arms,
  • a mother with a picture of a child or
  • a woman starting the conversation with:
    “This is not about money…”
You'll encounter the Milk Scam in the streets around Museo de Bellas Artes!

Now, this “no-money-scam” will cost you at least 10-15 CUC and chances are that the powder milk will be sold back right after you leave the milk-store.

Just think of it.

If the woman succeeds only once a day, she’ll still be earning 10 times more than a surgeon!