Hotel Tropicoco, Santa Maria del Mar

Video from Hotel Tropicoco

A 100 meters to a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and swaying palm trees.

Top that off with newly refurbished rooms including TV-set, safe and comfortable beds and give it a prizing at 35 CUC a day for a single room, All Inclusive - That’s hard to beat!


The structure of the Tropicoco is exactly the same as that of the hotel Ancón; so my comments to its architectural refinement will be similar to my comments on the Ancón, but I’m still no architect; so that’s not really a concern.

It’s hard, although hardly fair, not to compare the two hotels; so here we go:

Santa Maria del Mar, Playas del Este

On the plus side:

  • The beach is better
  • 23 CUC less a day
  • A working Internet connection
  • A shuttle-service to Havana
  • Refurbished rooms
  • Better beds

On the minus side:

  • Good raw materials for dinner, but the preparation and the taste is a bit off
  • The same dining hall, but the atmosphere is nowhere near as pleasant
  • The drinks are a tad more watered down
  • The All Inclusiveness stop’s at 10 pm.
  • The beach-bar is quite small, hard to find and not exactly at the beach
  • The activity-group is quite invisible compared to the Ancon’s

The Tropicoco clearly aspires to be a great hotel. It has a beautiful setting and an extremely attentive staff. However, the level of English and the less relaxed attitude still leave some room for improvement.